Documents For Enrollment

  • Copy of Passport for student and both parents.
  • Copy of Birth certificate (For Elementary and Kindergarten students).
  • One recent photograph, no more than 6 months old, approximately 45 x 35 mm, standard passport size.
  • Copy of Immunization Records (For Elementary and Kindergarten students).
  • Current Doctor’s certificate authorizing participation in PE classes.
  • From the previous school:
    – Last grade Report Card (if coming from another country, it must be legalized by the issuing country).
    –  Certificate of enrollment.
    –  (For students Grade 7 and above only): Partial Transcript Reports.
    – Grade 7 report card (For students Grade 8 and above coming from a school in Capital Federal).
  • Application for Admissions, completed and signed.
  • Medical Information Form, completed and signed.
  • Medical emergencies Form, completed and signed.


In the case that the student is not a native English speaker, the school will require an English placement exam.


The above information can be downloaded or printed using the following link:

Students age five years old and older will be given a computer-based placement test (MAP Test) that includes a language assessment and mathematics assessment and an English language test for non-native speakers.

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