The school is located on a well-landscaped campus in a quiet residential suburb of Paramaribo. Facilities include 17 air-conditioned classrooms, a computer lab, a science lab, a lunch service, a library, 3 outdoor recreation areas, an athletic field, a gymnasium, and a stage.

The original school building was built by SURALCO in 1964.  Through the years the school has added classrooms and other needed facilities as the enrollment of the school increased.  A new high school addition was built under the direction of a former Director, Dr. Frank Martins.  Another Director, Mr. Avery Stewart, had a vision for the future when he began construction on IAS’s present gym complex, completed in 2005.  The expansive multiuse structure provided a sports center, as well as a much-needed stage and auditorium.  During the summer of 2010, a library expansion, a new office space, a teacher workroom, and a new classroom were completed.

A safe learning environment also means that we have 24-hour surveillance. The school is monitored by security officers and an extensive camera system.

Visitors are registered and reported to the front office. Visitors are not allowed to enter the grounds unaccompanied.

Fire and evacuation drills are regularly practiced with our staff and students.

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