Middle and Highschool

The IAS secondary division includes grades 7 to 12. The middle school years (grades 7 and 8) train students in the necessary skills and foundational knowledge that will allow them to be successful in high school. With each successive year, the English curriculum challenges and improves each student’s reading comprehension, writing style, and grammar through diverse and engaging genres. The Science and Mathematics courses begin in general in middle school and then increase in challenge to prepare students for the more rigorous and specific high school courses, such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. The Social Studies curriculum offers a wide variety of history courses, from American to Medieval to Chinese and other ancient civilizations, as well as topics such as economics, US government, and human geography. Bible courses include survey and introductory courses, as well more specific courses on Proverbs or the Life of Jesus. Besides providing ongoing English-Language-Learner (ELL or ESL) support for those who are learning English, other languages are also taught, including beginner and intermediate Spanish and French. Depending on the availability of teachers from year to year, additional elective courses offered may include: typing, yearbook, computer science, woodworking, or home economics.

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