Philosophy of Education

– It is to be understood that all cultures, customs, and religions will be treated with respect.
Therefore, emphasis will be placed on developing respect for all people and nations.
– IAS believes that each student is created as a unique individual and is of supreme worth.
Consequently, the dignity and worth of the individual should be highly respected.

– The school’s program is committed to developing the whole person in the following areas;
academic, physical, social and spiritual. These are incorporated into the areas of citizenship
training, character development, personal values, and ethics.
– IAS believes education should foster independent thinking and exploration and provide students
with the life skills necessary to function as productive members of society.

– The school believes that students vary as to inherent and acquired learning styles and that these
differences must be taken into consideration in the educational process through differentiating
– Because change is a constant factor in life, education should encourage students to develop
personal values and thinking processes which will facilitate their intelligent adaptability to a
changing society and world where fluidity is essential.

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