Teaching at IAS

Are you looking for a new challenge? IAS is a beautiful and peaceful place to teach. The teaching environment is happy and harmonious. The students are happy to be here too!

The International Academy of Suriname (IAS) is a non-profit, private day school supported by tuition and fees. The program is co-educational, non-residential, non-denominational, and extends from pre-kindergarten (age 3) through grade 12.

IAS serves the country of Suriname and its international community by offering an accredited North American education. The school is staffed by a caring community of professional, mission-minded educators. Reflecting the diversity of Suriname, the school is open to, and our Gospel and discipleship mission is to students of every race, nationality, and religion.

Teachers are the heart of the International Academy of Suriname and are responsible for the direct instruction of students (their primary duty), as well as planning instruction and setting goals; implementing curriculum; clearly and timely communicating standards, achievements and deficiencies to students and parents; teaching good study habits; monitoring and assessing academic progress; working with students, specialists, parents and administrators to develop individual education plans, independent study programs and academic remediation processes when necessary; maintaining complete and accurate student academic and disciplinary records; maintaining appropriate levels of textbooks, instructional materials and equipment; maintaining safe and orderly classrooms; maintaining and improving their own professional knowledge and skills; following the letter and the spirit of the approved policies and directives from the Director; cooperating with the Director, all other employees, classroom assistants, parents and community members in their common endeavor to educate Academy students; setting an example of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, self-motivation and self-discipline for students; and modeling competence, honesty, personal responsibility and respect for others in every aspect of the job.

Interested applicants may apply by completing the IAS Teacher Application form:

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